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Bonaire has a wonderful tropical climate with temperatures that are fairly constant throughout the year. With maximum temperatures of around 30-32 degrees Celcius that are reached quite quickly during the day. In the evening, the temperature slowly drops to around 23 to 25 degrees Celcius.

Under the influence of the Caribbean Sea and the trade wind, there is little variation in temperatures. In the winter months these two elements ensure that the land is warmed up a little. In the summer these elements ensure that the land cools down a little.

But beware, it never gets really cool on Bonaire.

Money & insurance

The payment method on Bonaire is the US Dollar (USD), Euros are not accepted. Debit card is no problem on Bonaire, there are several ATMs, but a service charge can be charged per pin transaction.

Don't forget to change your bank card. In some cases this has to be set up in world, in order to be able to withdraw money from the ATM.

Credit Cards are accepted almost everywhere. A Credit Card can be very useful for a possible deposit when renting a car or a scooter.

We recommend that you take out travel / cancellation insurance with world coverage! If you are going to dive, it is advisable to see whether diving is included in the travel insurance or not.

Food and drinks

On Bonaire, the range of dining options is very large, from luxury restaurants to small cafes with a lovely terrace. Of course, a lot of fresh fish is eaten, caught in the morning and already on your plate in the evening, you can't get fresher!

Drinking water

The drinking water on Bonaire is of excellent quality. So you can drink the water from the tap without any objection and it tastes great. For the environment it is better to drink this water instead of expensive water from plastic bottles.

If you go out during the day, it is advisable to bring a bottle of water with you, because the sun usually shines very bright and there is a chance of dehydration or heatstroke if you do not drink enough.


At Woodz Bonaire we have both 110 volts and 220 volts. You can simply use your devices with us (Laptop, phone chargers, etc.).